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Think of the business sector of the Internet as the yellow pages. Traditionally advertising is extremely costly, the space is limited and your target customers are extremely small. A company website adds a new level of exposure to your advertising capabilities by having all the details you need! For a fraction of the cost of maintaining an ad in the local yellow pages, your business will have global exposure. Also your site can say as little or as much as is necessary to help your customers determine that your products and services are the way to go!

Signing up with SDS gives you more - right from the start! From the beginning we will:

  • Hunt down the best domain name for you ( to purchase
  • Setup a hosting account for you on a reliable Windows 2000 server
  • Submit your site to over 30 different search engines
  • IMMEDIATELY Institute a Coming Soon Page for your company with contact information
  • Provide setup information for Internet Mail access (
  • Work on designing your site, exactly how you want
  • Much more!

Consider bringing the power of the internet right through your company's doors!
That's right - the power of the internet can help your company share information faster, reliably and effectively - all with the same power and technology that has made the internet successful!

Without doubt, every company's asset is information. Whether it is proprietary or operational keeping your workers informed is essential to the relationship you have with your customers. Are dozens of databases, spreadsheets and documents cluttering up the desktop of what you thought would be the answer to these age old problems? Its time to unite these various resources under a single information source so your employees - and maybe someday even your clients - can have access to the information you use time and time again.

Ask us about how we can help setup an Intranet for your company that can finally have you all on the same page!


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