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Maybe you already have a site for your business. After some time, a site that was intended to be informational in the hopes of getting a new range of clients to find your company - has changed dramatically. At first, the history, bio and contact pages were enough. But then you wanted a map of how to get to your location(s). Customers are calling constantly to have order forms faxed to them; salespeople want to access email from the road and on and on and on. You site has grown to a collosal size and customers are getting lost looking for the information they need. Worse yet, you're thinking you may need to hire an IT person just to keep up with the changes.

This is where we come in.

Bring all those pieces of the pie back where they belong. Database management is where it all began for Synopsis. So many different people, all in the same company - storing the same information in different ways. Don't think it isn't happening - because it is. Every individual seems to have their own way to organize the information around them. Its time to make your people take the blinders off and look around. You are all serving the same customers, buying from the same vendors and punching in on the same time clock. Why shouldn't you all be using the same database?

We don't just drop off another problem to solve; we integrate all those great, individual ideas into one:

  • Customer Service center
  • Order Confirmation Systems
  • e-Commerce
  • Single Point Data Management and Warehousing
  • Technical Support Kiosks

And That's Not All!
Not only will your employees benefit from this data-streamlining - but your customers can as well! On-Line applications added to your web site can give you the level of customer satisfaction as you never dreamed! Instead of countless inquiry type calls to your company, these demands can be put on your On-Line Applications for reliable, constant service to your customers in a fraction of the time, and likely for a fraction of the cost to you both!


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